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 欧洲的战争仍在继续War continues in Europe.,希特勒表示 任何关于Hitler has suggested that any questions,波兰未来的问题都将完全over the future of Poland will be settled entirely,由德国和俄罗斯来解决between Germany and Russia.,他还表示 认为捷克斯洛伐克He also stated that he regards,的问题已经了结the Czechoslovak Question as closed.,在华盛顿Speaking at Washington,罗斯福总统对此没有发表评论...President Roosevelt made no comment as to...,名字叫卡文迪什The name's Cavendish.,卡文迪什小姐A Miss Cavendish.,猜想卡文迪什是个名字吗Perhaps it's a first name,注:cavendish作为名词,意思是板烟,指压制成片状的烟斗丝Perhaps it's a first name,嗯 抽烟吗Um,你为客户准备的香烟The cigarettes you keep for your clients,他们比你抽的好还是差are they better or worse than what you smoke?,他们一样They're the same.,猜想卡文迪什是个名字Perhaps it is a first name,这是...个好名字It's... a good first name.,嗯Mm.,请Please.,你的调查到底有多隐秘 马洛先生How private exactly are your investigations,我能为你做些什么 卡文迪什夫人What can I do for you,嗯 你是个侦探Mm,我想让你帮我找个人I'd like you to find someone for me.,嗯 嗯Mm-hmm.,尼科·彼得森Nico Peterson.,他是我的情人 他没说声再见就消失了He was my lover,你说的消失 是指从你的生活中消失When you say disappeared,还是生活之外or out of the world?,我不知道 所以我才来这里I don't know,你的情人尼科·彼得森失踪时Where was your husband,你丈夫在哪里 卡文迪什夫人when your lover Nico Peterson disappeared?,回想起来...In retrospect...,请叫我卡文迪什 不要叫夫人do call me Cavendish without the Missus.,我喜欢这样I like it.,你的情人 是那种作为情人Was your lover the sort of man to disappear,会和你一起消失的人吗with you as a lover?,通常情况下 他们不会轻易消失Normally,不会 我打赌他们不会No,他们在附近徘徊They stay around,爬上棚架 在餐馆里看风景climb trellises,躺在路上 答应你任何事lie down in the road,哦 我知道是怎么回事Oh,你愿意躺在路上吗 马洛先生Do you lie down in the road,- 喝酒吗 - 太好了- Drink? - Please.,他很高 和你一样Well,有点柔弱Bit of a weaker man.,他穿着得体 一丝不苟He dresses nice,这对一个男人来说意味着什么What does that say about a man?,彼得森先生是从他的职业中获取收入Does Mr. Peterson get money from his profession,还是他只是在吹嘘他的职业or does he just profess his profession?,看来你认为我和一个You seem to assume that I was involved,不合适的人在一起with someone unsuitable.,是的 除非你不适合他Yes,去死吧 你这个可怜的...Go to hell,准确地说 彼得森先生在电影界Would it be accurate to say that Mr. Peterson,是个边缘人物吧would be a marginal person in motion pictures?,- 抱歉 先生 - 是的 好吧- Apologies,这话准确It would be accurate,非常准确it would be very accurate indeed.,去死吧 你这可怜虫...Go to hell,我们会在科尔巴塔俱乐部见面We would meet at the Corbata Club.,你知道那地方吗Do you know it?,彼得森先生是怎么知道科尔巴塔俱乐部的How did Mr. Peterson know the Corbata Club?,他是你的客人Was he your guest,还是别人的客人or the kind of guy who was anybody's guest?,我和我丈夫有个协议My husband and I have an arrangement.,请问 你丈夫是同性恋吗May I ask,不是 他一点也不感兴趣No. He isn't remotely that interesting.,他喜欢马球 酒 女招待He likes polo,和我的钱and my money.,你的钱吗 卡文迪什夫人Your money,请再说一遍 马洛先生I beg your pardon,我是问 钱是不是你的I'm asking if the money is yours.,我父亲从事石油贸易 他死了My father was in oil,你知道我母亲 但是我们现在不讨论她You'd know my mother,你和彼得森先生是在俱乐部搞外遇的吗Did you conduct your affair with Mr. Peterson at the club?,我们不是在马棚见面 马洛先生We weren't meeting in the horse sheds,他为什么没出现What did he not show up for?,约会An assignation.,我给他打了几次电话 都没人接I telephoned him a few times,然后过了一周我去了他家and then I went to his house the following week.,牛奶并没取消The milk hadn't been canceled,报纸堆在他的门廊上and the newspapers were piled up on his porch.,他有什么要隐瞒的吗Did he have things to hide?,我们不是都这样吗Haven't we all?,你觉得彼得森先生怎么样了What do you think has become of Mr. Peterson?,我告诉过你 我需要一个全新的视角Told you,强烈建议你来调查and yours come highly recommended.,也许你能发现我没发现的事Maybe you'll find out what I can't.,我其实叫克莱尔 跟县的名字一样My name's really Clare,你知道那个县吗You know the county?,知道 在爱尔兰 我很了解它Yeah,我妈妈拍过电影 你应该知道她My mother was in pictures,和上流社会的人在一起是很尴尬的It's rather embarrassing with the upper class.,你很敏锐也很敏感 马洛先生You're very perceptive and sensitive,我想这会给你带来麻烦I imagine it gives you trouble.,他不在家 老弟He ain't home.
    什么事 他欠你钱还是和你老婆一起了What? He owe you dough or make time with your wife?,就这么回事 对吧That's the way it is,是啊 我也这么认为 他真棒Yeah,即使你不相信别人 他也不是坏人 我不改口He's not a bad guy,我想他是克利夫兰人I think he's from Cleveland.,注:克利夫兰,位于俄亥俄州。.I think he's from Cleveland.,那是我在街对面的住处That's my place across the street,他有时会过来he used to come over sometimes,打发时间pass the time of day.,给我一根烟Give me a smoke.,他离开多久了How,我想 我最后一次见他是在七周前Oh,你 你看到他离开的吗You,不是 我只是发现他不见了No,你怎么发现的How did you know?,他已经不在那里了Well,也就是说没有女人来敲他的前门That means there weren't any women banging on his front door,或者朝房子扔鞋or throwing a shoe at the house.,我是说 我以前做得很好 但不像他I mean,你是警察吗Are you a cop?,差不多吧Sort of.,一个私家侦探不是警察A private dick ain't no cop.,好吧 你不是第一个跑来打听他的人Yeah,上周来了两个偷渡客A pair of wetbacks showed up last week,他们都打扮得漂漂亮亮的 但有一个穿着西装and they was all gussied up,戴着花哨的领带 一个“豆豆” 对吗and fancy necktie,注:beanerand fancy necktie,不 有时候他是西班牙国王No,西班牙国王不会开林肯到处跑King of Spain don't ride around in no Lincoln,还用墨西哥喷漆with a Mexican re-spray.,错不了 我以前也在低端汽车行业工作Yeah,那两个“豆豆”开着一辆闷热的车子it was two beaners in a hot car,他们穿过边境又回来了that had been across the border and back.,哦 让我们从头说起Oh,这家伙确实被调查过This guy's been looked at,诈骗 移情别恋Grifts,违章停车 社交聚会醉酒闹事parking tickets,在早期 还有公开场合拉皮条And in the early days,现在没有人知道他曾经有过房子Now nobody knew he ever had a house,他的住址不详he's down as domicile unknown.,他确实有房子 我也去过He does have a house,是啊 我想 有房子了Yeah,还得付房子的钱and being the person paying for it,是谁付的钱Who was paying for it?,我想 你会发现他是用他不可见的Well,经济收入来支付现金的from his no visible means of support.,希望找他的女朋友穿黑色衣服的好Hope the lady friend looking for him looks good in black.,他被杀了 10月22日 交通肇事逃逸He was killed. October 22nd,在科尔巴塔俱乐部外面Outside the Corbata Club.,你欠我一顿午餐You owe me lunch.,喝酒还是普通的Liquid or regular?,"死者被车撞死 身份不明"Deceased was struck by a vehicle,司机不明 在海湾峡谷路driver unknown,就在科尔巴塔俱乐部外面just outside the Corbata Club.,死者多处受伤 包括Deceased has numerous injuries including,右侧颅骨严重粉碎性骨折gross comminuted fracture right side of his skull.,死法不值得骄傲”Death be not proud.",我想 没必要要求别人邀请I guess there's no point in asking for an invite.,哦 完全没必要 先生Oh,嗯 嗯Uh-huh.,哦 嗨Oh,你在找园艺工作吗You looking for a gardening job?,事实上 不是 有会员证Actually,艾伯特 这里有只树篱跳鼠Albert. We've got a hedge hopper here.,他需要修剪一下He needs trimming.,好奇者A ver.,- 嗨 伙计 - 好奇者- Hey,也许警察不喜欢你是有原因的Maybe there's a reason you're unpopular with policemen.,我真搞不明白...接连不断地Keep getting,被打 被关punched,还差点被指控and almost,从犯 妨碍公务 等等with accessory,- 而且在你这个年纪 - 这是我的方式 乔- And at your age. - It's my manner,是的 开始希望你还有养老金吗Yup,你当然希望Sure you are.,瞧 马洛 听着...Look,这家伙在里面喝醉后被杀This guy got killed after getting sauced in there.,尸体闻起来像啤酒厂The remains smelled like a brewery,他的手臂上下都有伤痕and he had marks up and down his arms,他的头像南瓜一样爆开his head popped like a pumpkin.,科尔巴塔俱乐部喜欢把事情做得漂亮The Corbata Club likes to make it nice,不喜欢惹麻烦it does not like trouble.,肇事逃逸至少是两项罪行Hit and run is two crimes at least.,别耍我 这里是洛杉矶Don't fuck with me,像彼得森这样的人These guys like Peterson,到处都是 他们来到这里are a dime a dozen,他们试镜失败了 只能做他们该做的事they fail a screen test and they do what they've to do.,科尔巴塔俱乐部的成员Could any member of the Corbata Club,会不知道他已经死了吗not know that he was dead?,从我们的探长From our own Chief of Detectives,到新任驻英大使to the new Ambassador to England,我觉得 一个人渣在前门撞到一辆别克车I find it highly unlikely it didn't come up over cream tea,不可能不是喝着奶茶的时候发生的that a scumbag had caught a Buick at the front entrance.,他们让你调查这个案子了吗Did they ask you to broom the case?,没人会过问 兄弟No one has to ask,我能看看警方的案卷吗Can I see the police file?,我们不需要立案We don't need it.,你为什么要找这个人Why you looking for this guy?,一位女士想要找到他A lady wanted to find him.,好吧 他会等她来的Well,回波士顿去 回到那个该死的悲惨家庭Go back to Boston,然后去英格兰 去他妈的圣詹姆斯的宫廷And then onto England......