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黑麦巷 Rye Lane(2023)英文字幕下载

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 Where is it? Huh?,Come on. Where is it?,Shit.,You're so cute.,Oh, no. Silver is the new Bitcoin.,I'm telling you. It's going to the moon.,I'll see you in Monaco.,Oh, my God!,Why?,You're such a knob. Such a knob.,Uh, you're being pathetic.,Get a grip. Get a grip.,-Hello?,Hello.,This is the gents.,No. Actually, it's unisex.,Everything all right in there?,Yep.,-Fine. -All right. Cool.,Cool.,Uh, just to let you know, I haven't quite left yet.,I can't figure out how the…,-Oh.,It was-- It was the wrong tap.,Excuse me. I'm trying to have a private moment.,- My bad.,It's not that private though.,Mouth. Oh.,- Huh?,-No photos! -Oh, my God!,You're so annoying.,-How are you feeling for later? -Good, yeah.,-You nervous? -Not nervous.,-Don't be nervous. -I'm not nervous.,-Anyway, where's Picasso?,Aight, boom.,Probably being his low-key, humble self.,Babes, we know more about the planet Jupiter,than we do the inside of our own mouths.,That's facts.,Real talk, the mouth is the Stonehenge of the face.,Mind fuck, right?,All right. Well, thanks for coming.,-My brother. - Hey.,-Appreciate you coming, bro. -Course, man.,Hey, love the photos. They're just so--,-Safe. -How's sales?,Yeah, couple potential nibbles.,See the hoverboard-riding geezer?,This close to payin' a G for a shot of my cousin Calvin's molars.,What's good, Wes Anderson? You cool, yeah?,It's good to see you out and about again, Dom.,-Good to be out and about. -Everything's…,Oh, everything's wicked.,Yeah, I started Pilates.,-Is it? -Yeah.,Uh, workin' on my core, workin' on me. You know, getting positive.,Aight. Do you, innit.,Cheers, man. Cheers.,Hey, so listen--,Shh.,You know what? I was about to dip.,Go mingle with some of these sockless wonders.,-Uh… -What?,You weren't about to bring up Eric and Gia, no?,-Have you seen her latest post? -No.,She's repainting walls I already broke my back painting.,-Tryin' to erase I was ever there. -It's just paint, my guy.,If it makes you feel any better, from what I saw,,they were only doing the living room.,Thought you hadn't seen the photo.,Aight, look, don't prang out.,They had this paint-party-brunch ting.,But I only stayed for 45 minutes, painted a tiny bit of a door,,ate half an almond croissant and bounced.,You went to brunch at our flat?,-Seriously, is nothing sacred anymore?,-Fuck!,You cool? 'Cause if you're gonna freak out,,I'ma sling a sign on you, call it performance art.,You cool?,-Yeah. -You're cool?,I'm cool.,Cool. Aight.,-Come here. - Oh, shit.,Let me see what's up with my girl real quick.,Be cool. Be cool.,This would look amazing in the boot room.,How you doin'?,Yeah, good.,Yeah?,Yeah.,Cool.,So, whatcha think?,- The photos? -Mmm.,Yeah. Yeah. Amazing.,They have a real, like, cerebral feel.,Cerebral?.
    Yeah. Or maybe lyrical is a better way to--,Or expressive.,Wow. You know all the adjectives.,Now, this one, I fucking adore.,Yeah, I love the way the tongue follows you around the room.,-So, do you know Nath or-- -Oh, I'm mates with his girlfriend.,Oh, cool. That's cool.,I know Cass. She's cool.,She is cool.,We met at work. Me and Nath.,-Oh, you're an artist? -Oh, no. KFC.,Back in the day. I don't work there anymore.,'Sup, my little fuck nuggets?,-Basking in your genius, dude.,Oh, please. Continue.,This one's pretty special, innit?,Yeah, man. We were just saying exactly that.,-Yeah? -Yeah.,Why don't you treat yourself?,Oh, no, bro, I just came to support you. I wasn't gonna--,Oh, come on. Help a brother out.,People see you coppin', might inspire them.,Look, I know you ain't payin' bills right now.,Man must have bare peas saved up.,I think it's very you.,Uh…,Sorry, I kinda feel like that was my fault.,No, no, no, no. Nath kinda seemed like he needed the boost.,Plus, it's an investment.,When he blows up, I'll sell it on for a fortune.,-Well, anyway-- -You going this way?,Yeah, I was gonna-- Yeah.,Me too.,Hey, guys! I've got chillies here, guys.,Chillies red, chillies gold, chillies green.,And I call them the traffic lights of the chilli scene.,Hey, Uncle.,Ah! Here she is. My hot cup of cocoa on a frosty mornin'.,I'll see you soon, okay?,-I'll be counting the seconds.,I've got chillies fresh…,It's Dom, right?,I'm Yas.,Nice to meet you.,Eh? Okay.,So, where you off to?,What errands has your mum got you out here runnin'?,Oh, Nathan mentioned you don't pay bills, so I figured you still live at home?,I'm back. Back at home.,"Back" is important, otherwise it sounds like I never left, and I did.,Okay. Fair.,I'm actually cutting through.,Rye Lane Market?,-Yeah. Yeah.,Lucky for you, I'm going this way anyway.,So, what do you do now you've escaped the clutches of the Colonel?,Like, with your post-KFC life.,Oh, I'm an accountant.,Boring.,Okay.,No free popcorn chicken, but still, that's like a proper job.,Yeah, it's not particularly glamorous.,- No. -But I actually kinda love it.,So, is that what you've always wanted to do,,or have you got yourself some thwarted ambition burning away in ya gut?,-You know, you're very-- -Peng?,Refreshingly disarming?,-You ask a lot of questions. -I'm interested in people's messes.,-What makes you think I've got a mess? -Everyone has a mess.,Hi.,Okay. Um…,You know, I-- I think I did always wanna be an accountant.,Is that-- Is that weird?,Don't ask me. I wanted to be Prince when I was little.,Specifically, Purple Rain Prince.,-Yeah? -Yeah.,I made myself a little costume and everything.,So, are you the only wannabe accountant in your crew?,All my mates thought they were gonna be footballers or YouTube sensations,,chilling on private jets, living extraordinary lives…,Oh, private jets not your ting, no?,Do you know how much they cost to run? Terrible investment.,-So, what about you?,What do you do anyway?,Me? Well, I'm a YouTube sensation.,Nah, I work in fashion.,Hence the Prince costume.,-Exactly!,So you're like a designer or--,Oh, you saying I couldn't be a model?,-No. I just-- assumed 'cause you-- -Uh-- Uh--,-I'm fuckin' with you. -Oh.,I am a buyer for an online brand that you wouldn't have heard of.,But I wanna design costumes. That's, like, the end game.,- Costumes? -Yeah.,TV, films, music videos, ball gowns to alien queens to anything the fuck else.,But do you know how much these thieves wanna pay me,to be a bottom-level costume assistant?,I'm guessing not a lot.,Not a lot divided by fuck all.,Plus with your ting, the square root of ten is always, like, what--,3.16-ish.......

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