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 这里是西班牙...This is Spain...,现在是基督诞生后1080年one thousand and eighty years after the coming of Christ.,这是个被战火蹂躏 悲惨的国家...It is a war-torn, unhappy land...,一半是基督徒 一半是摩尔人half Christian, half Moor.,这是维瓦的罗德里哥狄亚哥的时代 与故事...This is the time and the story of Rodrigo Diaz of Vivar...,在历史和传奇上 他被称为的艾尔希德 "圣主"known to history and to legend as El Cid, "The Lord. ",原是个普通人的他 成为西班牙伟大的英雄He was a simple man who became Spain's greatest hero.,他超越了宗教仇恨...He rose above religious hatreds...,唤醒所有的西班牙人 不论是基督徒或摩尔人...and called upon all Spaniards, whether Christian or Moor...,共同对抗将要毁灭西班牙的敌人to face a common enemy who threatened to destroy their land of Spain.,这些敌人集结了野蛮的武力...This enemy was gathering his savage forces...,穿过地中海 来到了北非海岸across the Mediterranean Sea on the north shores of Africa.,他是非洲的阿拉伯酋长 班·尤瑟夫He was the African emir, Ben Yusuf.,穆罕默德命令我们 去统治世界The Prophet has commanded us to rule the world.,你们在西班牙的土地上 哪里有阿拉真主的荣耀?Where in all your land of Spain is the glory of Allah?,当人们提起你们 就只会说诗人...When men speak of you, they speak of poets...,音乐家 医术者 还有科学家music makers, doctors, scientists.,你们的战士在哪里?Where are your warriors?,你们还敢说你们是 穆罕默德之子吗?You dare call yourselves sons of the Prophet?,你们已经变成女人了!You have become women!,把你们的书烧掉Burn your books.,把你们的诗人训练成战士Make warriors of your poets.,叫你们的医术者为我们的箭 发明新的毒药Let your doctors invent new poisons for our arrows.,叫你们的科学家发明战争武器Let your scientists invent new war machines.,接着就是...杀戮!And then, kill!,烧掉一切Burn.,把异教徒正在你们的国境生活Infidels live on your frontiers.,鼓励他们自相残杀Encourage them to kill each other.,等他们衰落败亡之时...And when they are weak and torn...,我会从非洲前来消灭他们...I will sweep up from Africa...,然后唯一真神的帝国 真神阿拉...and thus the empire of the one God, the true God Allah...,- 阿拉是唯一的真神 - 将遍布世界各地- Allah is the one God. - will spread.,首先...要征服西班牙First, across Spain.,然后...征服欧洲Then, across Europe.,最后就是...全世界Then, the whole world!,阿拉是慈悲的,世上只有阿拉一位真神,天上的父啊 我们已迷失在黑暗之中Heavenly Father, we are lost and in darkness.,他们再一次毁灭我们的城镇...Once again they destroy our towns...,使我们的人民陷于奴役take our people in bondage.,请帮助我们 天父Please help us, Father.,派遣某人...Send us someone...,引道我们走向光明who will take us to the light.,神父 来 起来Father. Here. Come.,十字架The Cross.,十字架上面The Cross.,我们没来得及挽救你的村庄...We couldn't save your village...,但我们捉到带头的人but we captured their leaders.,你是谁啊?Who are you?,维瓦的罗德里哥·狄亚哥Rodrigo Diaz of Vivar.,维瓦?Vivar?,你离家很远啊!You're a long way from home.,阁下 你的穿着不像要作战啊!Sir, you are not dressed for battle.,今天本是我的大喜之日 神父This was to have been my wedding day, Father.,是什么让你到这里来 孩子?How is it you came here, my son?,我想这是我到新娘那最短的路I thought this would be the shortest road to my bride.,我们准备好了 殿下 现在就吊死他们吗?We are ready, my lord. Do we hang them now?,不要 费茲 让他们跟我们去维瓦No, Fanez. They come to Vivar with us.,不行! 住手!No! Stop!,费南多 放下石头!Fernando, put down those stones!,欢迎回家 吾儿Welcome home, my son.,我带了几个摩尔俘虏给您Here are some Moorish prisoners for you.,我们没料到会有这种结婚贺客We didn't expect such wedding guests.,你要把他们交给教坛吗?Are you holding them for tribute?,他们是您的俘虏 大人They're your prisoners, sir.,是你的 是你捉到他们的!They're yours. You captured them.,你得决定怎么处置他们You must decide what is to be done with them.,吊死他们! 现在!Hang them! Now!,我们是酋长...就是国王We are emir-- kings.,让我们活着 你可拿到大笔赎金There will be a great ransom for you if you let us live.,你们早有准备来此杀戮You were ready enough to kill.,可是却没有做死亡的准备It would seem you're less ready to die.,我准备好了 罗德里哥大人I am ready, my Lord Rodrigo.,我没强烈活下的欲望 来看我们大家会有什么下场?I have no great desire to live to see what is coming for all of us.,我们大家会有什么下场?What is coming for all of us?,战争 死亡 和毁灭Wars, death and destruction.,任何生者都没见过的 流血烧杀的残忍场面Blood and fire more terrible than has ever been seen by living man.,狄亚哥大人 我来将你的俘虏带回王城波哥斯Don Diego, I will take your prisoners back to the King at Burgos.,他们不是我的俘虏 是我儿子的俘虏They are not my prisoners. They are my son's.,噢 请原谅我 罗德里哥大人Oh, forgive me, Don Rodrigo.,原来我们要在波哥斯皇宫广场 吊死的俘虏是你抓的Then it will be your prisoners we will hang in the palace square at Burgos.,我们会把死尸高高吊起 好给那些摩尔人一个警告We will hang their bodies high as an example to other Moors!,奥当涅茲大人 这些俘虏不会去波哥斯Don Ordonez, these prisoners will not go to Burgos.,如你在这吊死他们 一样能让国王龙心大悦The King will be just as pleased if you hang them here.,我们彼此残杀已经好几年了We've been killing them for years.,给我们带来了什么? 和平吗?What has it brought us? Peace?,吊死我的话 我儿必不会干休...Hang me, and my sons will not rest...,任何在维瓦存活的基督徒while a single Christian remains alive in Vivar.,还有别的处置摩尔人的方法吗?What other way is there to treat the Moors?,现在吊死他们!Hang them now!,你想要让这些人 今后生活在恐惧之中吗?Do you want these people to live in fear the rest of their lives?,安东尼奥 你希望你的教堂也被烧毁?Antonio, do you want to see your church burned too?,你的村庄也被毁灭?Your villages destroyed?,那就杀了他们Then kill them.,狄亚哥大人 告诉你儿子 如不将俘虏...Don Diego, tell your son that it is treason...,交给官兵的话 将会被视为叛国to refuse to turn over prisoners to an officer of the King.,罗德里哥自己知道该怎么做Rodrigo knows what he must do.,你愿诚恳的发誓 不再侵略斐迪南王的领土?Do you solemnly pledge never again to attack King Ferdinand's country?.
    我愿意I do.,在我们这边 我们对拥有...Among our people, we have a word for a warrior...,正直概念与仁慈之心的战士 有句赞语with the vision to be just and the courage to be merciful.,我们称呼他: "艾尔希德"We call such a man, "El Cid.",我是沙拉哥沙之王慕泰敏...I, Moutamin, Emir of Saragossa...,发誓和维瓦希德维持永久友谊...pledge eternal friendship to the Cid of Vivar...,并向其君主卡斯提尔的斐迪南王 献上忠诚and allegiance to his sovereign lord, King Ferdinand of Castile.,如有违 愿阿拉以雷击打我头上的双眼...May Allah strike the eyes from my head...,与我身上的血肉and the flesh from my bones if I break this pledge.,以阿拉真神之名立誓In the name of Allah.,以阿拉真神之名立誓In the name of Allah.,以斐迪南王之名...In the name of Ferdinand...,亦即 卡斯提尔 雷昂 奥斯迪亚斯王...King of Castile, Leon and Asturias...,我控告你已叛国I charge you with treason.,在七天之内 你要到波哥斯王城受审...Within seven days, you will appear before the King at Burgos...,对这项罪名进行答辩to answer these charges.,你的确选择了捷径 孩子You did take the shortest road, my son.,但非为迎接新娘 而是你的命运Not to your bride, but to your destiny.,上天派遣你来拯救我们 孩子God sent you to us, my son.,上天派遣你降临God has sent you.,罗德里哥!Rodrigo!,可是我真的听到声音了But I did hear a sound.,这时候他早该到了 为什么这么慢呢?He should have been here by now. Why is he so late?,他还没迟到 小姐 他太阳下山后才会到He is not late, my lady. He was to be here at sundown.,现在才中午呢It's barely noon.,是啊Yes.,你绝对不知道 恋人是怎样计算时间的You don't really understand how love keeps time.,晚一点就是快一点 傍晚就是中午呢Later means sooner; sundown means noon.,可是啊 一个人骑马究竟只能跑那么快...Still, a man on a horse can move only so fast...,不管他爱得有多深no matter how much the man is in love.,是啊 小姐Yes, my lady.,整晚我都在想:All night long I kept thinking:,"天啊 他被摩尔人伏击!"Oh, the Moors have ambushed him!,"噢 他被一个疯子攻击!"Oh, yes, he's been attacked by a madman.,噢 他生病了! "Oh, he's fallen ill.",他们说 恋爱中的女人...They say all women in love...,都是这样被折磨着are tormented that way.,因为她们不相信这样的幸福...Because they don't dare believe that such happiness...,会真的降临在她们身上can really be theirs.,帮帮我 拜托Help me, please.,这长袍... 很漂亮The gown is... very beautiful.,公主殿下您...太仁慈了Your Highness is... very gracious.,我们并非常常被如此赞美It is not often we are so honored.,是啊 因为今天非比寻常No. It is not an ordinary day.,你还没听说吗?Then you have not heard?,有消息进来了There has been news.,有关...罗德里哥的消息 殿下?News of-- of Rodrigo, Your Highness?,有关罗德里哥 这件长袍真漂亮Of Rodrigo. The gown is so beautiful.,殿下Your Highness.,殿下Your Highness.,你能告诉我 罗德里哥怎么了?Can you tell me what has happened to Rodrigo?,好啊 我可以告诉你Yes, I can tell you.,- 你知道罗德里哥正要来这里? - 知道- You knew that Rodrigo was on his way here? - Yes.,路途上有场战斗?That there was a battle?,你知道路上跟摩尔人有场战斗?You knew that there was a battle with the Moors?,琦美Chimene.,我父亲 告诉我My father, tell me.,罗德里哥受伤了?- Rodrigo's been hurt.,不 罗德里哥一点事都没有- No, Rodrigo's alive and well.,你太爱他了You love him so much.,两个人Two names.,我的父亲...My father...,还有罗德里哥and Rodrigo.,琦美...Chimene...,你是我唯一的孩子you are my only child.,我已失去妻子I have no wife.,只有你能继承我的血统You alone can carry my blood.,我该生个儿子才对I should have had a son.,可是 罗德里哥将会是你的儿子But Rodrigo will be your son.,不会了No.,你还年轻You're young.,你可以再找到你爱的人You can learn to love again.,我能再学着爱另一个父亲吗?Could I learn to love another father?,这不一样 还有人值得爱啊It is not the same. There are others.,琦美! 琦美!Chimene! Chimene!,葛瑞希欧奥当涅茲大人 告诉我发生什么事Don Garcia Ordonez, tell me what has happened.,你一直都是好朋友You have always been a good friend.,我可以不只是你的朋友 琦美...I would be more to you, Chimene...,如你允许的话if you would let me.,你知道这永远不可能You know that can never be.,现在可能了It can now.,- 为什么现在可能? - 你能爱一个叛徒吗 琦美?- Why now? - Could you love a traitor, Chimene?,只要我仍爱着罗德里哥 这问题就没有意义Since I love Rodrigo, the question can never have meaning.,现在有了 罗德里哥成为叛徒了It has meaning now. Rodrigo is a traitor.,我不相信你I do not believe you.,- 还有别人在场 - 我也不相信他们!- There were others who were there. - I do not believe them.,我就是替他扣上罪名的人I am the one who brought the charges against him.,他要因背叛国王而受审He is to be tried for treason against the King.,为了伤害罗德里哥 你什么都做得出来You would do anything to hurt Rodrigo.,不 我愿做任何事好得到你No. I would do anything to win you.,琦美! 如果罪名是真的呢?Chimene! What if these charges are true?,- 不是真的 - 可是在场有很多人看到- They are not true. - But there are many who saw it.,他们不知道看到的是什么They did not know what they saw!,你将会亲眼看见 琦美You will see for yourself, Chimene.,斐迪南王陛下...His Majesty, Don Ferdinand...,我们的国王 我们的殿下the King, our Lord!,也是卡斯提尔 雷昂与奥斯迪亚斯之王King of Castile, Leon and Asturias.,以及王子们 参裘王子...And the Infantes, Prince Sancho...,艾尔方索王子...Prince Alfonso...,以及乌拉卡公主and the Princess Dona Urraca.,各位聚集来到这个法庭...You have been gathered here at this court...,针对此皇家的重要事件 给予郑重的建议to give your solemn advice in a matter of great import to the Crown.......

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