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疾速营救 Retribution(2023)中英字幕下载

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电影:疾速营救 (Retribution)




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 《疾速营救》,-这么早 不像你的风格啊? -是啊- Bit early for you,我想找找像你这种劳模的感觉I wanted to seewhat it felt like to be you.,然后呢?And?,不怎么样It’s overrated.,你会习惯的You’ll get used to it.,要不我就靠看着你来体验生活吧How about I just live vicariously through you instead?,-嗯?- Hmm?,听着 你过来的时候帮我给STB投资的卡尔打个电话Listen,-哦? -没错- Oh,一起床就收到他的电邮了I woke upto an email from him.,我想他是后悔了I think he’s got buyer’s remorse.,他要的是回报He likes the returns.,是的 但还是Yeah,他只怕是有什么顾虑 你该怎么做还是怎么做I think something spooked him.I need you to do your thing.,我会跟他谈的 他会没事的I’ll talk to him.He’ll be fine.,很好 不愧是资本主义的功臣啊Good. You’re a creditto capitalism.,替我向海瑟问好Say hello to Heather for me.,不妥Not a good idea.,你个混球You’re an asshole.,-早上好- Morning.,安德斯问你好 要出门?Anders says hello.Going somewhere?,我I...,我早上要去见克里斯蒂娜I’m meeting Christinathis morning.,嗯?Uh-huh?,之后 应该会去接孩子们After that,顺便也许搬家去月亮上住and maybe moveto the Moon.,哦Oh.,马特Matt!,对不起 亲爱的 工作忙I’m sorry,是啊Right.,我要去见克里斯蒂娜I’m meeting Christina.,你答应了今天送孩子们的You said you’dtake them today.,哦 老天 我待会要在路上Oh,给客户打电话 孩子们要是I can’t have themplaying in the back,在后座上打闹的话making noisewhile I’m on the call...,-马特 我必须去见她 -会不方便的…- Matt,不能周末去吗?Can’t you see her this weekend?,求求你I asked you,就一天to help out just one day.,好吧 好吧 没问题 对不起Okay,-我的错! -嗯- I’m sorry.- Mm-mm.,-海瑟- Heather...,恭喜Congratulations.,-你哥呢? -在打电话- Where’s your brother?- On his phone.,叫他下来 我们要走了Tell him to come down.We’re leaving now.,扎克 要走啦Zach,我还在看呢I waswatching that.,去找你哥 快点Go and getyour brother. Now.,呼 扎克!Ugh! [loudly] Zach!,哎 哎 哎Ay-ay-ay-ay-ay.,怎么了?What now?,没事 没事Nothing. It’s fine.,嘿Hey.,准点送他们到校 OK?Get them to schoolon time,好的 爱 爱你Yeah... Lov-love you.,-嘿 要走了 -嘿 滚出去!- Hey,-嘿 滚出去 -让我进去- Hey,滚啊Just get out!,-上次我就警告过你… -哦 看在上帝的份上- I told you last time...- Oh,-滚 滚 滚! -扎克!- Get out! Get out! Get out!- Zach!,-嘿 滚啊 -扎克- Hey,嘿 嘿 嘿 嘿Hey,嘿 嘿 嘿!干什么?Hey,-他把门关了 -不许进来- He slammed the door on me.- You don’t come in here!,别用这种语气和你妹讲话Don’t speakto your sister like that.,那就别让她进我房间 马特Then don’t let herin my room,嘿 我是你老爸- Hey,别叫我马特I’m not Matt.,-她为什么哭? -因为她会撒娇- Why is she crying?- ’Cause she knowsyou’ll fall for it.,-他要和她逃学 -闭嘴 艾米- He’s gonna skip schoolwith her.- Shut up,我没时间了I don’t have timefor this.,去把你的东西准备好Go and getyour things ready.,老爸 他把我手指夹断了Dad,去吧Go!,-我们马上下来- We’ll be down in a sec.,好吧Okay.,你要是又长篇大论的话 我可没工夫听If this is gonna beone of your talks,扎克 怎么了?Zach,我能走了吗 爸爸?Can I just go now,-你要逃学? -我为什么要逃学?- You’re skipping school?- Why would I skip school?,你有女朋友 是吗?You havea girlfriend,我做什么你在乎过吗?Do you even careif I do?,如果你要逃学 是的 我在乎If you’re skipping school,上车 我们走 走!Get in the car.We’re going! Now!,-你哥呢? -不知道 他自己走了- Where’s your brother?- I don’t know.He was walking.,天啊Oh,通知 “蓝牙车驾系统已连接”Oh,小心 小心 搞啥呢?Careful,练习 我今天有比赛For practice.I have a match today.,行了 别弄了 亲爱的 我得集中精力Well,你会来看吗?Are you coming?,-呃- Uh...,“安全装置故障”- Uh...,呃 不能Um,连时候都不问就说不能来You don’t even know when it is.,忙Work is busy.,“前排副驾驶、后排左侧安全装置故障”Work is busy..
    下次 我保证Next one,“后排右侧安全装置故障 安全气囊失效”Next one,扎克 上车Zach,扎克Zach.,就不能听一次话吗?Can you just listenfor once?,我听得见I can hear you.,扎克 上车Zach,-不然呢? -立马上车!- Or what?- Get in the car right now!,扎克 赶紧的!Zach,请!Please!,求你了 快上来Please. Come on.,谢谢Thank you.,你把我手指夹到都能看到骨头了I think I can see my bone.,-闭嘴 -嘿- Shut up.- Hey.,-给昂格尔(卡尔)打电话- Call Unger.,-你好 卡尔 是我 马特- Hello?- Karl,凯瑟琳好吗?How’s Katherine?,她要我别再浪费孩子们的遗产了Telling me not to waste any more of our children’sinheritance.,我听说了 你什么时候变得这么敏感了?I heard. When did you get so sensitive?,我的股票一夜之间跌了17个点When my stock dropped 17% overnight.,就当做塞翁失马吧See itas an opportunity.,我觉得这不是个好兆头I see it as a trend. Not in the right direction.,我想撤资I want out.,我一直以来怎么说的?What have I alwaystold you?,"仅仅预测雨天的来临是不够的""Predicting the rain doesn’t count.","把方舟建起来才够""Building the Ark does.",那句话是沃伦.巴菲特说的I thought that wasWarren Buffett.,那就听他的呗So listen to him,震荡是常有的事Turbulence is inevitable.,当所有人都恐慌离场的时候When everyone runsfrom the fire,你才能捡到真金you run to it.,卡尔 你投资了我 就要相信我Karl,也许你也回天乏术Maybe you’ve lostyour touch.,嘿 我们认识多久了?Hey,-十八年 -十八年了- Eighteen years.- Eighteen years.,还记得我们第一次见面时你对我说的话吗?Do you remember what you saidto me the first time we met?,太久不记得了That wasa long time ago.,嗯 我记得Well,你说 你已经厌倦了安于现状You told me you were tiredof playing it safe.,你想成为不一样的你That you wantedto be someone else.,我说了 时过境迁了Like I said,我知道你怎么想的The man you are now,但不要逃避 要迎难而上You don’t runfrom a challenge.You take it on.,风险和机遇是并存的You take on the uncertainty,赢了就能给凯瑟琳她梦寐以求的so you can give Katherineeverything she’s everdreamed of.,一切You provide.,照照镜子 扪心自问Just look in the mirrorand ask,好生活要从哪里来?how you’ve providedeverything. How?,想想你过去经历的苦日子Where you’ve come from to get where we are?,既然已经在路上You’ve climbed upthat ladder.,就不容许半途而废You can’t let go.,我懂你 卡尔 我们是一类人I know you,你要是放弃了You walk away from me,走回过去的老路and you’re walking back to that old life.,到你我这个年纪 还能回得去吗And at our age,卡尔 问问你自己Karl,嗯?Hmm?,好吧 我不撤All right. I’m in.,这就是安德斯如此喜欢你的原因吗?Is this why Anderslikes you so much?,能让一个在过去24小时之内You make people feel good,损失了300万欧元的人开心起来about losing three millioneuros in 24 hours?,那你得问问他 伙计You’ll have to ask him,爸爸 你赢了吗?Did you win,是啊Yeah.,怎么做到的?How?,嗯 很复杂Eh,就好像我用一条肥蚯蚓It’s like I caught a fish.,挂上钓钩 钓到一条大鱼那…You use a nice big fat wormand you dangle a hook and--,靠撒谎You lie.,简单的很It’s pretty easy.,在和哪个重要人士联系呢?Someone important?,-是米拉 -闭嘴- Her name’s Mila.- Shut up.,我没跟你说话 扎克I wasn’t talkingto you,这不正在说吗Well,嘿 够了Hey,-你要接吗? -什么?- Are you gonna answer that?- What?,接电话啊Are you gonna answer that?,不是我的It’s not mine.,-是妈妈的吗? -不是- Is it Mom’s?- No.,艾米丽?Emily?,不是我的It’s not mine.,“未知来电”It’s not mine.,喂?Hello?,你好 马特Hello,你好 哪位?Hello. Yes. Who’s this?,我喜欢你的车I like your car.,对不起 你是哪位?Sorry,别反复问同一个问题You keep askingthe same question.,不会告诉你的Do you thinkyou’ll get an answer?,-是西尔万吗? -不是西尔万- Sylvain?- Not Sylvain.,只有我 还有你Just me. And you.,我要挂了I’m hanging up now.,是我就不会那么做I wouldn’t do that.,我喜欢你车上那漂亮的真皮座椅I said I likeyour nice leather seats.,但我现在并不想坐在那个位置上But I wouldn’t really wantto be in that seat right now.,行了 够了All right,你要是敢挂我电话You hang up on me,我保证从这里一路到奥地利的行道树上都会挂满你们的内脏they’ll be picking your gutsout of the treesfrom here to Austria.,听到我说的了吗Do I have your attention?,马特.特纳Matt Turner,你的座位下面有炸弹there is a bombunder your seat.,从你一坐下的时候就启动了You armed itthe second you sat down.......