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贱女孩 Mean Girls(2024)英文字幕下载

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 Make sure I'm in the frame.,Make sure you get my head.I want to see my hair.,All right, all right.Janis, hurry up!,It's not easy making a movie.,You better not drop my phone.,You got it?,Yep. Yep. Yep. Okay, here we go.,Hey... Oh, Lord. Shit.,We're Cloverfielding.Pick it up.,Give me a minute. Makesure I'm in the frame, girl.,Give me a minute!Am I in the frame?,I'm in there? Yes.,Get me in the frame? Yeah.,You got my head in there? Yeah.,Boom, let's go.,♪ It's a cautionary tale ♪,♪ Of fear and lust and pride ♪,♪ Based on actual eventsWhere people died ♪,No one died.,♪ But how far Would you go ♪,♪ To be popular and hot? ♪,♪ Would you resist temptation? ♪,♪ No, you would not! ♪,♪ Just admit it sometimes ♪,♪ Mean is what you areMean is easier than nice ♪,♪ And though meanCan take you far ♪,♪ Maybe this willMake you think twice ♪,Spin. Clicker. Fosse!,♪ This is a cautionary tale ♪,♪ About corruptionAnd betrayal ♪,♪ And getting hit by a bus! ♪,♪ You can't buy integrity ♪,♪ At the mallIt's not for sale ♪,Truth.,♪ This is a cautionary ♪,♪ Tale! ♪,♪ I usedTo think I would spend ♪,♪ Every second I have ♪,♪ Right where my story began ♪,♪ I'd be happy here ♪,♪ Every day, monthYear of my life ♪,♪ But now I'm wishing Forwhatever comes After goodbye ♪,♪ On every star in the sky ♪,♪ And I'm dreaming ofWhat I could become ♪,♪ This is where home will be ♪,♪ As long as my lungsCan breathe ♪,♪ But my heart is dyin'To leave ♪,♪ 'Cause I know there's moreTo me ♪,♪ I don't want to live withWhat ifs... ♪,Cady?,I've been thinkingabout what you said.,About being frustratedby my decision,and feeling a little stuck here,,just me and you.,I'm sorry I yelled.,But you have a point.,Maybe I've beena little selfish,,putting my research ahead,of your socialand emotional development.,I called the peoplefrom Northwestern back.,I took the job.,What?,But they need meto start on September 9th.,♪ I don't want to liveWith what ifs, might haves ♪,♪ Could have been if I had ♪Cady?,♪ Only tried, not held backOh, no ♪,♪ That's not a part of my plan ♪,♪ That's not the me that IThat's not the me that I am ♪,♪ This timeThere's no lookin' back ♪,♪ I'm crossing thingsOff my list ♪,♪ Don't want to run out of timeBefore I wake up and find ♪,♪ There was a lifeThat I missed ♪,♪ My limit doesn't exist ♪,I'll pick you up at 3:00.,♪ I don't want to liveWith what ifs, might haves ♪,♪ Could have been if I had ♪,♪ Only tried, not held backOh, no ♪,♪ That's not a part of my planThat's not the me that I am ♪,♪ No what ifs, regrets ♪,♪ Wear my strengthsAnd weakness ♪,♪ I won't hide my feelingsOh, no ♪,♪ That's not a part of my planThat's not the... ♪,Bitch, move.,Hope you all had a good summer.,Mine was pretty good.,I worked in my brother-in-law's,golf pro shop.,Did not make a lot of money,so of course I am back,to help shepherd you allinto the future.,May I have everyone'sattention, please?,Eyes to the front of the room.,You may notice we have anew student joining us today.,She just moved herefrom Kentucky.,Kenya.,Kenya. Her name is Caddy.,It's Cady. Cady Heron.,My apologies.I will commit that to memory.,Cady, like the Canadiansongstress k.d. lang,.
    and Heron,like the illegal street drug.,Thank you, Caddy. It's Cady.,Cady, hi. I'm Ms. Norbury.I'll be your homeroom teacher.,This is your roster.,I see I also have youfor A.P. Calculus.,You must have had excellentteachers at your old school.,Oh, I was homeschooled.Homeschooled?,Oh, that's a fun wayto take jobs from my union.,No, I'm joking. It's fine. Ah.,Um, do you think you canfollow this schedule?,Yeah, I think so.Okay, you're gonna be moving,from class to class with each...,That's it.,Everybody find a seat.,Please.,This is first period:,American Literature.,♪ My name is Mister Rapp ♪,♪ And I take no...? ♪,♪ My name is Mister RappAnd I take no...? ♪,"...care of myself"?,"Crap."Correct answer was "crap.",Find a seat.,I don't want you to think of me,as just any other teacher.,I prefer to think of myself,as a time traveler.,Maintenant nous choisissonsnos noms français.,Cady. Comment tu t'appelles?,Je m'appelle Cady. Incorrecte!,You have to pick a French name.,All the French people I know,just call me Cady.,Just say Marie.,Um... Marie?,Marie.,J'anice. J'anice.,Chanel. Non.,Fantine. Non.,Celine Dion?,Non.,Beyoncé.,Quais. Mais non.,Welcome to "Healthand Human Sexuality.",Now, this fall we'll be getting,into the state-mandated uniton Abstinence.,Of course then followed by,in the spring,,Condoms and Choking.,Where do you thinkyou're going there, hotshot?,I need to urinate.,No way, José.,Uh, it's Cady.,Well, Cady,,first thing you need to dois ask permission.,But the second thing you'll need,is this lavatory pass,that is shapedlike a sperm whale.,Get it?,Um...,May I please havethe lavatory pass?,No, you may not.You may go sit back down.,You can go at lunch.Nice try, kiddo.,All right, let's jump into this!,This won't be awkward at all,I swear to God.,This one.,Are you okay in there?,Uh, yes.,'Cause you've been in therea very long time.,We're concernedyou're either doing drugs,or having a toilet baby.,Hi. I'm Janis.,And je m'appelle Sasha Fierce.,This is Damian.,He is almost too gayto function.,But I push through. I manage.,Hi.,We've been watching you all day.,You're a mess.,So we volunteer to amplifyyour lunch experience.,Yeah, what Damian is saying iswe will help you, Caddy.,Thanks so much. Um... it's Cady.,Yeah. I'm gonna call you Caddy.,Get out of the toilet!,Mkay.,You just need to findyour clique and commit to it.,You have your Jocks.,Your Corny Horny Band Freaks.,Your Classic Burnouts.,Do any of these feellike your people?,I don't think so. Hmm...,You know what mightbe cute for her?,What, Grade Grubbers?,No, I was gonna sayTheater Mess.,And who's at that table?,Oh, no, no, no.,We call them the Plastics,'cause they're shiny,fake and hard.,Yeah, that's Gretchen Wieners.,She knows everythingabout everybody.,That's why her hair's so big.,It's full of secrets.,And that's Karen Shetty.......

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