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 ...这赛季的F1,已经变成了经典...what has turned into a classic Formula 1 season.,...天气状况如此飘忽不定...with the weather conditions so uncertain,,车手们要准备好...the drivers prepare for...,...赛道仍旧湿滑、危险...the track is still dangerously wet,,但经过车手会议, 大家作出了决定but following a drivers meeting, a decision has been taken.,离出发还有三分钟 大家请站离发车区Three minutes to go. Everybody off the grid now.,极速风流,1976年8月,F1德国大奖赛,纽伯格林赛道,在一级方程式比赛里, 每个赛季开始时都有25名车手参加25 drivers start every season in Formula 1,,而每年都会有两名车手去世and each year, two of us die.,做这种工作的都会是些什么人啊?What kind of person does a job like this?,肯定不会是普通人Not normal men, for sure.,叛逆者Rebels,,疯子lunatics,,梦想家dreamers.,这些迫不及待想要留名历史的人People who are desperate to make a Mark,都作好了赴死的准备and are prepared to die trying.,我叫尼基·劳达My name is Niki Lauda,,赛车界的人会因两件事记住我and racing people know me for two things.,第一就是我和这位的对抗The first is my rivalry with him.,你想换轮胎吗?,亨特呢?他换了吗?What about Hunt? Has he changed?,不,他还是用雨胎No, he's going on wets.,我也不知道这对抗为什么就变得如此重要I don't know why it became such a big thing.,我们只是两个争得你死我活的车手We were just drivers busting each other's balls.,对我来说,这再普通不过了To me this is perfectly normal,,但其他人不这么看but other people saw it differently,,他们觉得,我们之间的竞争 还会深化下去that whatever it was between us went deeper.,那我们也用雨胎,能让人记住我的另一件事The other thing I'm remembered for,就是在1976年8月1日的那天is what happened on 1st August 1976,,我是如何像个玩命的混球一样 疯狂地追赶他when I was chasing him like an asshole.,6年前,对,就是那个, 在第二个架子上,谢谢Yeah, that's the one. On the second shelf. Thank you.,请把治疗创伤的推车推来Trauma trolley, please.,赛车场应该打过电话了吧 说我要过来I think the racetrack telephoned ahead that I was coming.,我叫亨特,詹姆斯·亨特Hunt. James Hunt.,怎么了? 没人见过流血吗?What's the matter? No one ever seen a spot of blood before?,- 你没事吧? - 完全好得很- Are you all right? - Absolutely fine.,我们都以为你出了事故We all thought you'd been in an accident.,没错I have.,如果你觉得If you call a friendly disagreement,和另一位车手发生无害的争执 也算事故的话with another driver an accident.,你们都吵些什么了?What did you disagree about?,这就不关你的事了It's none of your business.,对不起Sorry.,他老婆His wife.,这里可能需要缝两针了That's going to need a couple of stitches.,- 伤口不轻啊 - 的确打挺狠的- It's a nasty cut. - It was a nasty blow.,他拿个该死的撬棍打的Done with a bloody crowbar.,- 为什么?你都干嘛了? - 没什么- Why? What did you do? - Nothing.,只做了他老婆让我做的事而已Only what she asked me to do.,她让你...?Which was...?,你想的话我很乐意给你展示一下I'd be happy to show you if you like.,抱歉Sorry.,女人为什么会喜欢车手呢, 我有这么一个理论I have a theory why women like racing drivers.,并不是因为她们尊重我们的职业It's not because they respect what we do,,我们只不过是不停地跑圈而已driving round and round in circles.,她们多半还认为这挺可悲的Mostly they think that's pathetic,这可能说得没错and they're probably right.,她们的原因是 我们能如此地接近死亡It's our closeness to death.,你离死亡越近 就越能感到自己是活着的The closer you are to death, the more alive you feel.,而你越是如此地活着, 她们就能看出来The more alive you are. And they can see that in you.,能感觉到They feel that in you.,我叫詹姆斯·亨特My name is James Hunt.,父亲是一名股票经纪人My father is a stockbroker,,姐姐是律师my sister is a barrister,哥哥是会计and my brother is an accountant.,而我And I,,我就是做这个的well, I do this.,能这样活着简直太棒了 也是唯一让我飞速驾驶的方法It's a wonderful way to live. It's the only way to drive.,就像每一天都是生命的最后一天As if each day is your last.,1970年伦敦,水晶宫赛道,我以前还从没来过大奖赛的现场呢I've never been to a Grand Prix before.,那你的确还没去过You still haven't.,- 这是F3 - F3是什么?- This is Formula 3. - What's that?,级别更低一些That's a lower division,,像我这样的一帮蠢货们开着车where idiots like me mess about,希望能被车队看中挑去开F1in the hop of being talent-spotted to race in F1.,- 你看上去很失望啊 - 没有- You look disappointed. - No.,你跟我上床只是因为 你以为我是个名人啊You only slept with me because you thought I was famous.,才不是!That's not true!,别担心,以后我会的Don't worry. I will be one day.,大家早上好啊Morning, everyone.,- 这位是小护士 - 我叫杰玛- This is Nursie. - Gemma.,小护士,这位是车队经理霍斯利, 外号“泡泡”Nursie, this is Bubbles Horsely, team manager.,你好How do you do?,- 泡泡? - 没错- Bubbles? - Yeah.,波索斯维特博士,我们的设计师Doc Postlethwaite, our designer.,你好How do you do?,然后这是亚历山大,赫斯基车队的主人And Alexander, Lord Hesketh, the team's owner.,你好吗How do you do?,我很好,谢谢Fine, thanks.,干得不错嘛,大明星!Well done, Superstar!,- 这就是你的车? - 没错,就是她- That's the car? - Yep, that's her.,莲花59号Lotus 59.,1000cc,改进过的考斯沃斯引擎1000cc. Cosworth Mae engine.,可能看上去不怎么漂亮 但跑起来很带劲She's no beauty, but goes like the slappers..
    没什么可担心的, 他每场比赛前都这样Nothing to be worried about. Does it before every race.,其实是个好的征兆, 说明他兴奋起来了Good sign, actually. Means he's stoked.,所有的F3赛车去装配区集合All Formula 3 cars to the assembly area.,现在集合Now, please.,...车手请把赛车开至验车区...drivers please bring them to the scrutineering bay now.,还好吗,大明星?All right, Superstar?,再好不过了,老大Never better, patron.,- 拿这个漱漱口 - 谢谢- Have a gargle with this. - Thank you.,再来片这个Quick toke of this.,今天的水晶宫赛道, 由詹姆斯·亨特杆位发车At Crystal Palace today, James Hunt's on pole,,而奥地利的新人尼基·劳达 和他同排发车with Austrian newcomer Niki Lauda alongside him,戴夫紧接第一排之后and Dave Walker completing Row 1.,第二排是麦克·布特勒和戴夫·摩根Row 2 is Mike Beuttler and Dave Morgan,,接下来是托尼·特里莫和杰瑞·比瑞尔with Tony Trimmer and Gerry Birrell.,那个是谁?Who's that?,新人He's new.,- 德国人吧 - 奥地利的- Some German. - Austrian.,他早上5点就来赛道上晃了He's been here since 5 a.m. walking the track.,你今天可能真的要 集中精力好好开了,詹姆斯You might actually have to concentrate today, James.,这些你之后会用得上的You'll need these.,好了,发动吧Okay, start her up.,啊!听这音乐!Ah! What music!,那些发明了汽车的先驱们They could never have imagined it,,应该怎么也想不到吧those pioneers who invented the automobile,,它们会让我们如此痴迷that it would possess us like this,,让我们魂牵梦绕in our imaginations, our dreams.,小护士啊,男人很爱女人Nursie, men love women,,但真要说爱得更深的话but even more than that,,还是车啊!men love cars!,- 加油,詹姆斯! - 那是他!继续,詹姆斯!- Come on, James! - It's James! Go on, James!,快啊,詹姆斯!Go, James!,亨特仍旧领先Hunt's still in the lead,,但尼基·劳达紧追不放!but Niki Lauda is right on his tail!,亨特和劳达已经确立了自己的领先地位Hunt and Lauda are proving to be in a class of their own.,把大车队远远甩在身后They're leaving the pack far behind.,劳达红魔般的速度紧追着亨特Herr Red Devil's on his tail.,劳达看了看弯道内侧...Lauda takes a look down the inside...,...成功地骗过了他!...and he's sold him a dummy!,劳达超过去了!他领先了!Lauda is through! He's in the lead!,亨特一定要弥补自己刚才的失误了Hunt will be determined to make up for that mistake.,亨特处于劳达的后背气流里Hunt's in Lauda's slipstream.,而劳达没有让出任何缝隙Lauda's not leaving any gap.,莲花赛车决定从内道超车The Lotus goes for the inside.,亨特此举侵略性十足It's an aggressive move from Hunt.,车蹭到了!There's contact!,领先的二位出了赛道! 劳达的车停在了反方向!The leaders have spun out! Lauda's facing the wrong way!,后面的车超过去了!The back marker's gone through!,我们也明白为什么亨特的其他对手You can see why Hunter's fellow drivers call him.,叫他“亨特变道王”"Hunt the Shunt.",混蛋!Asshole!,- 加油啊,詹姆斯! - 那德国佬退出了!- Go on, James! - The Kraut's out of it!,劳达显然怒火中烧Lauda is clearly furious.,完全可以理解他现在心里如何骂亨特的There's every reason to expect sharp words in the pit.,亨特即将赢得比赛It's going to be victory for Hunt.,而对于尼基·劳达来说, 是可耻的失利It's going to be an ignominious defeat for Niki Lauda.,所以这是詹姆斯·亨特这个赛季的So James Hunt scores his third major Formula 3 win,第三个冠军,在水晶宫赛道拿下of the season here, at Crystal Palace,,比赛中他和尼基·劳达拼到最后after a desperate battle with Niki Lauda.,在亨特那侵略性的超车之后Lauda was unable so restart,两人双双飞出赛道, 而劳达无法重新发动赛车after Hunt's aggressive move caused them both to spin out,这一切都发生在最后一圈的较量in the last lap of the race.,这次是难啊,下次运气会更好Hard luck. Better luck next time.,嘿,混球!Hey, asshole!,那是我的车道,那弯道是我的That was my line. I had that corner.,你是说那个你飞出去了的弯道?You mean the one that you spun out of,最后还停反了方向的?and finished facing the other way?,是那个弯道吃了你吧I think that corner had you.,那完全是自杀行为 如果我当时没刹车呢?That move was total suicide. What if I hadn't braked?,- 那就肯定撞车了 - 但没撞不是吗?- We'd have crashed. - But we didn't, did we?,真要多谢你那无可挑剔的求生本能啊Thanks to your impeccable survival instincts.,操你的吧!你叫什么?Fuck you! What's your name?,詹姆斯·赛门·沃利斯·亨特James Simon Wallis Hunt.,好好记住吧,我们的老鼠朋友Remember it, my little Jerry friend.,- 没错!好好记着吧 - 很好记的- Jawohl! Remember ze name. - It's very simple.,亨特,跟“怂货”还押韵呢Hunt, it rhymes with cunt!,拿来形容你再合适不过了A word that happens to describe you perfectly.,那是谁呀?Who was that?,不知道,他长得很像老鼠对吧?I've no idea. He looks like a rat, doesn't he?,在我的家乡维也纳In my hometown, Vienna,,我的家族因一个词而有名my family's famous for one thing:,经商Business.,我的祖父是个商人My grandfather was a businessman,,我父亲也是my father, too.,所以当他们听说 我打算开赛车谋生的时候So when they heard I wanted to race cars for a living,,就有话要说了They are a few things to say.,不行!,开赛车的都是花花公子和半吊子,一帮浮夸的半桶水,没脑子的人,我们劳达家的名字...,是跟政客和经济学家联系在一起的,是上报纸头版的,如果这是我唯一能做的呢?,那你一定迫不及待地需要我的资助,所以听我的话,接手家族事业,好吧Good.,钱你留着吧,别在我身上投钱,但等我成了世界冠军之后,我的名字也会上报纸头条,你就会后悔,所以既然家里不肯帮忙So if my family wasn't going to help me,,我决定冒一个巨大的风险, 自己去贷款I decided to risk everything and take out a Loan myself.......