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 Come on, come on.,Owe, owe, owe.,-Come on, hurry up. -Wee!,Owe, watch it.,-Yeah! -That's not fair!,Guys, guys, we got to keep going.,Move over.,Please pipe down!,-Open the window. -Tell your mom,,at least that's done.,Patty!,Huh?,Oh, Jennifer, hi.,Oh, hi Luis, I need you to answer a question,for a school news survey, okay?,Uh, okay.,Patty, you ready?,Luis, on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate,this recent school trip to Dragon's Peak Mountain?,Uh, ah, have you seen my shoe?,It's yellow.,I'm the journalist,,I'll ask the questions here, Luis.,Hey, Louise!,This yours?,Give it back, Marlon!,Got it!,Hey Marlon go long.,Hey, catch!,-There. -Thanks.,Now, back to business.,Still waiting for your answer there, champ.,Um, I don't know, 5?,Jolly, thanks.,Get that Patty, Patty?,-Yay, yah. -Oh.,Order, children, order is everything.,-There you are. -Come on.,Marlon, look at the state of you!,-Huh? -What will people say, huh?,Uh, Mom.,Huh?,Luis!,Why are you still here?,Did your father forget to pick you up again?,Uh no, he's just very busy trying to, you know,,well he's, uh...,You'll never get home on that.,Come on, I'll give you a ride home!,What?,No, that's not necessary!,It's, it's no problem, really.,Watch where you going.,Hey, boy!,That bike looks like it belongs on a scrapheap.,I'm getting a new one, tomorrow is my birthday.,Oh I, have an ice birthday!,Did you hear what I did there?,Because I am an ice cream man, you see,,I'm selling ice cream.,Not to criticize,,but that last snip left much to be desired, darling.,Hey Louise, what took you so long?,Child, look at the state of your house and lawn.,They're a disgrace!,We're all sick of it!,Yes, Mr. Winter.,And tell your father the block association,is considering discussing taking steps, steps, Louise!,Unacceptable, there's no other word for it.,It's absolutely unacceptable.,Huh?,Who, what, huh, who's there?,It's only me, Luis.,Lu, what, there?,I'm back from the school trip.,Dragon's Peak, remember?,Luis, you're so tall!,How long were you gone?,Four days, Dad.,Ah, four days.,No wonder I'm so hungry.,What time is it, huh?,Just after six.,Ah, almost dark.,Time to get up and get to work!,Huh?,Here's your breakfast.,Right, that's six degrees north.,And I have a cake baking in the oven,,a birthday cake for tomorrow.,Good, good, ovens are good.,-Ah, Okay, 1, 2, -A raisin cake,,-3, 4. -Like Mom used to make.,And, Dad?,I found another bunch of bills in the trash.,If we don't start paying them soon they,,they say they're gonna turn off the electricity.
    -and the -Ah, that's very interesting.,Yes, yes, Yes.,But, Dad!,Luis, please. I have to concentrate.,There is intelligent life out there somewhere!,And your father has to find it.,Come here my boy, let me tell you a story.,A long time ago, when I was just seven,,I encountered a real alien here on earth.",It was monstrous!,Vile to behold, truly frightening!,It tried to abduct me, but I escaped.,Nobody believes me, of course,but one day, I will...,Dad, you've told me this 3 thousand-billion times.,What's that?,It's the kitchen timer for my cake.,Ah, ah, well, then, where was I?,Look at that!,Oh my goodness.,All right, sweetheart, it's only a tiny speck.,Let's dial it back to DefCon 3, shall we?,Now it's a tiny speck, but tomorrow it could be a smudge.,The next day, a glop!,I really need your support here, darling.,Yes, dear.,I am calm, nothing upsets me, I am totally relaxed.,What's up dawgs?,Don't call us dawgs, dear and tuck your shirt in!,Whatever.,And don't forget that Sarah's school play,is this afternoon!,Oh that's whack, yo.,Do I really gotta go?,Oh you'll be there!,I'm taking time off work,to see our snookums stunning performance.,I'm a princess!,You're a royal pain with a booger brain.,Marlon, be nice to your sister.,No.,Well, I tried.,I am a butterfly in the eye of a hurricane.,I am fragile and beautiful, but safe.,Good morning, son!,Today is a very special day!,Close your eyes, Luis.,I have a big surprise for you.,And open, huh?,There were patterned irregularities,in the ambient noise last night,and your father recorded them successfully.,Look!,For so long I've been sending signals into space,and now I finally picked up something like this!,You know what that means?,There are unidentified flying objects in our solar system!,Isn't that exciting?,There's a chance that they could land here on earth,and this time I will be ready!,What's the matter?,Aren't you happy for me?,Yes, I am, but...,You know, you could be a bit more enthusiastic.,Your father is the leading mind in his field.,You can ask me anything!,Um.,Well, come on.,Um, why can't you just have a normal job?,Like everyone else's Dad?,Oh my gosh!,Huh?,Don't move, they're here!,Happy birthday to me.,-He's coming. -Let's get outta here!,Huh, oh!,Attention citizens!,Aliens have landed on Earth!,Oh, please, not again!,The moment of my vindication has arrived!,Hide your houses and lock your children...,Hide your children and lock your houses!,Will you stop shouting, you loony-bin!,You'll give my wife a migraine,and believe me, that never ends well.,But this time it's for real!,I saw them right in my own yard!,There, you see!,Ha, who's the loony-bin now?,Lucky for you all, I have long prepared for this day!,What do you think you're doing!,Here are your aliens!,Oh, you two are double-decker-ultra-grounded!,Oh, it's the Henderson kids, again.,It's okay, you'll be good as new.,And a nut-bucket like that is raising a kid by himself!,Poor boy, a dead mother and a crack-pot for a father.,I'm calling Child Services.,It's ridiculous.,That's an excellent idea, you should do that.,Oh boy.,We thank you all again for choosing......

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