恐吓包裹2:火辣查德的复仇 Scare Package II: Rad Chad’s Revenge(2022)中英字幕下载-纯4K

恐吓包裹2:火辣查德的复仇 Scare Package II: Rad Chad’s Revenge(2022)中英字幕下载

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电影:恐吓包裹2:火辣查德的复仇 (Scare Package II: Rad Chad’s Revenge)




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恐吓包裹2:火辣查德的复仇 Scare Package II: Rad Chad’s Revenge(2022)中英字幕下载预览

 这会让你成为天命女孩-Which would make you final girl.,那你又是何方神圣-Well,我很明显是对恐怖片了若指掌的人-Well,安全缺口-Security breach.,-不 -安全缺口-No. -Security breach.,你不会想跟着他的-You're not gonna want to follow him.,为什么-Why?,我真的很惊讶她能活这么久-I'm really surprised she lasted this long.,你一定给我记住这点-I cannot stress this enough.,- 不要进去 -我甚至没在那里Stay out. -I wasn't even there.,-警报 -快跑-Alarm. -Run.,别惹我这头公牛 -Don't mess with the bull,不然你会被牛角顶飞Or you'll get the horns.,为什么会有人给我们拍续集-Why would someone give us a sequel?,最重要的一点就是我们在一部恐怖片里-What is important here is that we are in a horror movie!,你没事吧-You okay?,谢谢 在这里别这样-Thank you. Not here,她没在这儿-She's not here.,我知道-I know.,怎么了-What is it?,感觉他好像在盯着我-Just looks like he's staring at me.,看那张照片 把他眼睛拍得炯炯有神-Oh,等等 这个是那个开音像店的人吗-Wait. This is the video-store guy?,是的 似乎都没什么人来-Yeah. There's,怎么样 亨利 你个混蛋-What's up,天啊 是正派先生-Holy shit,嘿嘿嘿 别靠近约翰逊先生-Hey,没关系 给孩子们他们想要的-It's okay. Give the kiddies what they want.,是正派先生-That's the good guy.,签潇洒点 K字写大一些-Come on,谢谢你Thank you.,亲爱的 我从正派先生的保镖那里拿到了他的签名-Sweet. I got an autograph from Good Guy's bodyguard.,-查德还有个双胞胎兄弟? -我之前看到过他-Chad -- he has a twin? -I've seen him before.,我们为什么要来音像店老板的葬礼-Why are we at the video-store guy's funeral?,-妈妈 -卡波斯基女士-Mother. -Ms. Kapowski.,亲爱的-Darling! Oh!,你知道这里有没有吃的吗-Do you know if there's food here or not?,我相信这里会有开胃小菜的 先生-I believe there are hors d'oeuvres,开胃小菜是啥-What the fuck's an hors d'oeuvres?,朋友们-Friends.,家人们Family.,乡亲们Countrymen.,欢迎大家Welcome!,首先 我非常感谢阿黛尔First off,她的歌声是如此美妙who just sang that beautiful song.,我很高兴你们今天能来I'm just so glad you could be here today.,感谢我的朋友和家人 是他们帮我实现这一切And to my friends and family,我们的情感在内心深处交织We're all rolling in the deep together.,你们今天的到来对我来说意义重大It means so much to me that you're here today.,但这也意味着我遭遇了不幸 可能是英勇牺牲But it also means I've met my tragic,但显然死得不合时宜but clearly untimely demise.,在树旁的睡袋里Being beaten to death against a tree,被活活打死while in my sleeping bag...,被送回过去阻止革命的机器人杀死...killed by a robot sent back in time to stop the revolution.,让烤箱开着Leaving the oven on.,被困在自动售货机下面Trapped under a vending machine.,一个华丽的机关盒...an ornate puzzle box.,大白鲨 被鸡骨头噎死Great white sharks. Choking on a chicken bone.,与我的连体双胞胎分离Being separated from my conjoined twin.,被电死 伤心过度 被活埋 Electrocution. A broken heart. Buried alive.,被魔鬼湖刺穿者一拳打穿我的脸A hole punch through my face by the Devil's Lake Impaler.,对 就是这样Yeah,现在我身上的一个洞 就是你们身上的一个洞And now a hole in me is a hole in all of you.,我知道这很艰难And I know how hard this is.,但你们必须撑下去But you must keep on.,你们必须好好生活 必须坚持走下去You must live your lives. You must persevere-ay.,你们必须保持热情 朋友们You must stay rad,我想是时候走了-Time to go,我们离开吧-Let's get out of here.,这是怎么回事-What the fuck is happening?,门在哪里-Where's the door?!,把他抱起来 你胆敢扔下他-Pick him up. Don't you dare drop him.,伯特 别离开我-Bert,别离开我Stay close to me!,被锁住了-It's locked.,他的眼镜呢-Where are his glasses?,他不戴眼镜看不见东西的He can't see without his glasses!,嘿Hey!,嘿Hey!,我们在这儿We're in here.,妈妈-Mom?,-你还好吗 -你还好吗Are you okay?-Are youokay?,你们想不想玩个游戏- How would you like to play a game?,我是说 你们想不想玩个游戏 I mean,我小时候经常一个人玩游戏I used to play games all the time by myself as a kid.,这个游戏就很棒This one's awesome.,你们都是被特别选中You all have been specially chosen to take part,来参加这次前所未有的in this fully immersive experience,完全沉浸式体验like none other before.,这是拉德·查德的终极推荐It's the ultimate Rad Chad recommendation!,来自彼世 From beyond.,一定要密切注意 它可能会救你一命But pay close attention. It may just save your life.,我保护你 卡梅伦-I got you,什么声音-What's that?,可能就是其中一个炮灰女孩-It's probably just one of the Sure to Die girls,又在灌木丛里亲热 南希making out in the bushes again,嘿 托尼-Hey,你又走错房子了 老兄-Got the wrong house again.
    对 除夕晚会在隔壁-Yeah,炮灰女孩们已经准备好等你去了and the Sure to Die girls are all ready for you.,我肯定I'm sure.,如果你要借用我们的刀子-If you're gonna borrow our knives,麻烦磨锋利了再还给我们please sharpen before you return.,她没事吧-Is she okay?,当然-Well,劳丽Laurie?,劳丽 亲爱的 你可以起来了 只是出了一点差错Laurie,我觉得这不是个好主意 金妮-Oh,没错 确实不是好主意-Yeah,-各位 我觉得她死了 -她不可能死的-Guys,她在学习 没有玩 一切都按照剧本走的She was just studying,托尼-Tony?,莎莉 这可能有危险-Sally,看到没 我们才是天命女孩-See? We are the final girls.,看看我们雌雄同体的长相Just look at our androgynous faces,卡其布裤子 纽扣衬衫khaki pants,凶手认为我们是理所当然 他们不会杀咱们的Killers take us for granted. They don't kill us.,哦 嘿 女孩们-Oh,我们在隔壁派对狂欢We're all partying super hard next door,可是我们找不到啤酒管了and we just can't seem to find our beer bongs.,不知道你们有没有Do you happen to have any?,额 有-Uh,我想我们在地下储藏室里有一些I think we have some in storage in the basement.,啤酒管是什么-What is a beer bong?,炮灰女孩会觉得这么说没有意义You know,不过 嘿 现在快九十年代了to ask,或许你们也有所改变Maybe you guys have changed.,各位 我认为我们应该跟着炮灰女孩-Guys,-转移阵地 -这太疯狂了with the Sure to Die girls. That's crazy.,她们必死无疑 接下来是什么They're sure to die. What's next?,是会有个男孩存活到最后吗Is a boy gonna be the last one standing?,好笑话-Good one.,我们不再因为是局外人而逢凶化吉-We're no longer being rewarded for being the outsiders.,因为比房间里所有人都聪明-For being smarter than everyone in the room.,因为是坏蛋-For being a bad-ass.,因为避免婚前性行为-For avoiding sex till marriage.,好吧 不一定要等婚后 不过我在外过夜Okay,和参加深夜派对 都是衣着蔽体during sleepovers and late-night parties.,-这只是常识 -对 没错That's just common sense. -Yeah,是的-Yeah. ,他去哪儿了-Where'd he go?,他会杀了我们的 我们得做点什么He's gonna kill us all. We need to do something.,我可以穿上我正在织的丑毛衣-Um,假扮他的母亲 羞辱他I've been knitting and be his mommy and shame him.,坏托尼 坏托尼 杀手"Bad Tony. Bad Tony,我可以几天不睡觉-I can stay awake for days.,我可以进入深度睡眠 直到这一切都过去-I can go into hyper-sleep until it all goes away.,嘿 你是坏蛋 振作一点-Hey,这一切都没有道理-Nothing makes sense anymore!,嘿-Hey.,我没有找到什么啤酒管So,不过我找到了这个好东西but I did find this cool thing.,那是个玻璃吸管-That's a turkey baster.,艾伦 这是个玻璃吸管 你是在生我气吗-Ellen. "It's a turkey baster." Are you mad at me?,哦 你应该试试这个 真的是与众不同Oh,好的 我有个主意-Okay. We have a plan.,托尼只杀天命女孩So,如果我们利用她来分散他的注意力 然后我们趁机逃走呢But what if we use her to distract him while we get away?,你看她 她漏着膝盖-Look at her. Her knees are showing.,我们把她变成自己人-We'll make her one of us.,-她看起来依然性感 -非常性感-She still looks hot. -So hot.,噢 对-Oh,完全大变样-That totally makes a difference.,好的 那我们就把你一个人留在这里-Okay,在除夕夜洗洗衣服to,没问题-No problem.,无事发生-Nothing is happening.,他在哪里-Where is he?,-我有个主意 -你又有了-I have an idea. -Of course you do.,现在快午夜了-It is almost midnight.,既然这条老规矩不管用了 要不我们……And since the old rules don't apply anymore,我也不知道I don't know...,搞一次我们从没搞过的派对party like we've never partied before.,是个好主意-That's a good idea.,你真是美呆了You're so pretty.,噢 哎呀Oh! Ow.,真好玩This is fun. ,我们被困住了We're trapped.,哈喽 女士们-Hello,衣服洗好了Laundry's done.,不过我觉得那条难看的羊毛裙缩水了Although I think I shrunk that hideous wool skirt.,反正劳丽也不需要了 她已经死了Not that Laurie needs it anymore. She's dead.,不用客气 当你们终于Uh,发现自我愉悦的乐趣时discovering the joys of personal pleasure,我从他手上救下了你们I saved you from that guy.,-哦该死 -我们不需要你的帮忙Oh,在过去的二十年 我们一直相安无事We've been doing fine the past two decades,总能幸存 而像你这样的女孩悲惨死去surviving,独自走在树林里walking alone in the woods,在朋友被杀害后还在嘿咻having sex after a friend got murdered,在黑暗中吃着宵夜partaking in a midnight snack in the dark.,独自一人Alone?,开个玩笑-Just kidding.,你们说的对 你们不需要我的帮忙You guys are right. You don't need my help.,找到啤酒管了 巴菲-Found the beer bong,我不是故意的-I did not mean to do that.,离我们远点 贱人-Leave us alone,你一直带着枪-You had a gun this whole time?,听着 我懂了-Look,你们能幸存 是因为你们的适应力和处子之身You all survived because your resilience and virginal vaginas......