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 [东德],[东德最高司令部],我们已经加强了安全措施Security has been tightened throughout the country.,所有边境全面戒备All borders have been placed on full alert.,出境签证也已经停止了一个星期Exit visas have been suspended for the entire week.,此外 我们也要保护我们的密探在西方的安全In addition,我们的行动迄今未被发现that our actions to date have gone completely undetected.,所有军人休假都已取消All military leaves have been cancelled,[英国间谍从特快上逃走]All military leaves have been cancelled,我们已经加强了对弗莱玛德博士的警戒and we have doubled the guard around Dr. Flammond.,对北极星水雷的部署一切准备就绪Finally,[找到他 杀了他]Finally,对北极星水雷的部署一切准备就绪for deployment of the Polaris Mine.,- 一切谨遵你的命令 斯崔克将军 - 做得好 冯·霍斯特- As you ordered,星期天 北约潜艇舰队将在这里演习By Sunday,十分容易受到攻击on their manoeuvres,卡博少校 声东击西计划进展如何?Major Crumpler,文化节日程已作了安排 将军先生The schedule for the cultural festival is now complete,您应该高兴 在您的邀请下You should be pleased to note,苏联已同意派著名男高音弗拉基米尔·勒尼喀参与表演the Soviets have agreed to send their celebrated tenor,做得好 少校先生。那么一切都在计划中?Well done,不完全是 亲爱的将军Well,令人遗憾的是美国人伦纳德·伯恩斯坦不能来The American,但是他们将派另一个艺人参加这次活动But,事实上 我们刚收到他的一张新唱片In fact,他的名字是...尼克·瑞斯His name is...Nick Rivers.,我敢肯定他完全行I'm sure he will be quite adequate.,只要世界关注我们的文化节As long as the world's attention is fixed on our cultural festival,没有人会知道将发生什么no one will know what is about to happen.,德国将再次按我们的规则形成整体!Once again,星期天之后 任何人都阻止不了我们After Sunday there will be no one to stop us.,片名:笑破铁幕After Sunday there will be no one to stop us.,主演:方·基默After Sunday there will be no one to stop us.,[尼克·瑞斯在冲浪双向飞碟赛事位居首位]After Sunday there will be no one to stop us.,[摇滚乐坛最杰出的歌手]After Sunday there will be no one to stop us.,[尼克·瑞斯今晚下塌麦迪逊广场花园中心]After Sunday there will be no one to stop us.,[瑞斯参加东德文化节演出]After Sunday there will be no one to stop us.,导演:吉姆·亚伯拉罕斯 大卫·扎克 杰瑞·扎克After Sunday there will be no one to stop us.,(德语/英语教学)After Sunday there will be no one to stop us.,一支笔A pen.,一张桌子A table.,一张桌子A table.,笔在桌子上The pen is on the table.,我的皮短裤里有酸泡菜There is sauerkraut in my lederhosen.,进来Come in.,(德语)Come in.,他说什么?What did he say?,我想我们到了东德关卡I think we're at the East German checkpoint.,最好把护照准备好Better have our passports ready.,这是这个国家第一次允许摇滚乐表演This is the first time rock music has been allowed in this country.,你不只是一个演员 你还是代表美国的大使You're not just a performer. You're an ambassador representing America.,最重要的是我们要遵守他们的游戏规则And above all,马丁 我一直在练习。听听怎样?Martin,- 是什么意思? - 你女儿18岁?- What does that mean? - Is your daughter 18?,请出示你们的证件Your papers,尼克·瑞斯先生Mr Nick Rivers.,我们一直在等待美国著名歌手的到来We have been awaiting the arrival of the famous American singer.,- 他们带他去哪里? - 不会带他去任何地方- Where are they taking him? - They are not taking him anywhere.,别让你的美国好奇心引来麻烦Do not let your American curiosity lead you into trouble.,你之所以是这里的客人 只是因为你符合我们的需要You are a guest here,在逗留期间 别多管闭事才是明智之举I suggest that during your stay,日安Good day.,你究竟对他说了什么?What the hell did you say to him?,我只是告诉他要把他的名字列在蒙哥马利·沃德(美国著名百货公司)的邮购目录上I just told him I'd put his name on the Montgomery Ward mailing list.,我很抱歉 他只是有点累了I'm sorry. He's just a little tired from the trip.,通常他不会说...Normally he wouldn't say...,注意你的言行 瑞斯先生Your attitude is being noted,如果那是一个大使的想法 我们就有麻烦了If that was your idea of being an ambassador,我想要髯狗和维也纳炸牛排I want a schnauzer with my Wiener schnitzel.,世界各地的来宾们from all over the world as our guests,为表达我们的谢意we wish to express our appreciation,我们将把我们城市的钥匙送给你们by offering to you these keys to our city,由我们东德女子奥运代表队赠与你们which will be presented by our East German Women's Olympic Team.,今晚 我们在音乐厅举行盛会Tonight,届时卓越的贝尔杰罗内女士和她的芭蕾舞团where the distinguished Madam Bergerone and her ballet company,将演出"胡桃夹子"组曲will perform "The Nutcracker Suite".,纪念品、小饰品、整人玩具Souvenirs. Novelties. Party tricks.,纪念品、小饰品、整人玩具Souvenirs. Novelties. Party tricks.,你认识优秀的白人篮球运动员吗?Do you know any good white basketball players?,我不认识什么优秀的白人篮球运动员 我的朋友There are no good white basketball players,我在柏林特快上遇到了麻烦There was trouble on the Berlin Express.,他们知道我在那列火车上They knew I was on that train.,我们怀疑抵抗组织内部有叛徒We suspect there is a traitor somewhere in the Resistance.,尽管危险重重 但我们必须进行下去We must proceed nonetheless. There is too much at stake.,闻闻这花 一定会在聚会上逗乐观众的Here,不错吧。德国人正在策划什么事情It's very good. The German's are planning something.,时间不多了Time is running out.,你查到弗莱玛德博士在哪里了吗?Have you found out where Dr. Flammond is being kept?,瞧 这是我们最受欢迎的Here,非常好That's very good.,我们不知道弗莱玛德博士被关在哪里We do not know where they are keeping Dr. Flammond.,只知道他们在强迫他制造一种新武器Only that they are forcing him to build a new weapon.,我的指示是什么?What are my instructions?,试试 这会使你在社交场所倍受欢迎Here,你今晚去看芭蕾舞表演 这是门票Go tonight to the ballet. Use this ticket.,你将见到抵抗组织的领导人 此人以"火炬"著称You will meet the leader of the Resistance,见面前 在霍华德·约翰逊家等待Until then,就在约尔街和戈培尔·普莱逊街相交处on the corner of Der Fuhrer Strasse and Goebbels Platzen..
    祝你好运 愿上帝与你同在Good luck,等等 你的热狗道具掉了Wait. You dropped your phoney dog pooh.,什么热狗道具?What phoney dog pooh?,纪念品、小饰品、整人玩具Souvenirs. Novelties. Party tricks.,现在仪式结束And now we conclude our ceremony,我们高歌民主德国国歌with the singing of our East German National Anthem.,致敬 东德HAIL,葡萄树和葡萄的国土LAND OF VINE AND GRAPE,令你悲伤的国土LAND WHERE YOU'LL REGRET,你曾要逃离AND TRY TO ESCAPE,不管下隧道NO MATTER IF YOU TUNNEL UNDER,还是越高墙OR TAKE A RUNNING JUMP AT THE WALL,即使你逃过电网THE GUARDS WILL KILL YOU,警卫也会杀死你IF THE ELECTRIFIED FENCE DOESN'T FIRST.,司机 为什么停在这里?这并不是霍华德·约翰逊家Driver,晚上好 一张两人餐桌 名字是瑞斯Good evening. A table for two,啊 瑞斯先生Ah,找到了 但去餐厅要求穿西服 系领带I have it right here,我们非常乐意向你提供We will be very happy to provide you with one.,那太好了That'll be fine.,朱尔根Jurgen.,这边请 先生This way,斯崔克将军 勒尼喀同志General Streck,- 我为你们准备好了餐桌 - 非常好 海因茨- I have your table ready for you. - Very good,勒尼喀同志在盛会上地位很高As you know,我们希望给予他一切礼遇We wish to afford him every courtesy.,毫无疑问 亲爱的将军But of course,或许可以说服勒尼喀同志今晚为我们演唱Perhaps Comrade Biletnikov could be persuaded to sing for us this evening.,我一定尽心服务I will take care of it.,谢谢Thank you.,尼克 抱歉 我不能与你一道晚餐了Nick,我喉咙痛 想早点睡觉I'm coming down with a sore throat. So,别忘了 8:30去剧院Don't forget to be at the theatre at 8:30.,- 这根本没有用 - 马丁 别担心- This doesn't help at all. - Don't worry,为什么不睡会儿?有什么事吗?Why don't you get some sleep? Is there anything you need?,没有 我只是想确定你拿到了新乐谱No. I just wanted to make sure you got those new arrangements.,拿到了I got them right here.,对了 按照他们的提议 我为你点了84年的"白浪"By the way,- 很好吧 - 谢谢你- It's very good. - Thanks.,在弗吉尼亚健身赛上 你看好谁?Who do you favour in the Virginia Slims Tournament?,在女子网球中 我一贯反对异性In women's tennis,有塞德里克的消息吗?Have you heard from Cedric?,他就在这里 在你的房间等着见你He was just here. Wait in your hotel room. He will meet you there.,这封信在星期二前必须送到纽约This letter has to be in New York by Tuesday.,快走 快点Now,对不起 小姐 今晚只接待文化节的来宾I'm sorry,你的"白浪" 先生Your Ripple Blanc,朱尔根 送这位小姐出去Jurgen,对不起 这位女士和我是一起的Excuse me,瑞斯先生 请原谅 小姐Mr Rivers,亲爱的 你先请。你来的刚好After you,你看上去比以前更可爱了I don't think I've ever seen you looking so lovely.,- 谢谢 你太好了 - 那是我的荣幸- Thank you,我正好缺一个舞伴I was looking for someone to dance with.,- 你是美国人 - 没错- You're an American. - That's right.,- 我叔叔就是在美国出生的 - 真的吗?- My uncle was born in America. - Really?,他是幸运者中的一个But he was one of the lucky ones.,在吉米·卡特总统任职期 他乘气球逃走的He managed to escape in a balloon during the Jimmy Carter presidency.,- 他一定有许多故事 - 是的- I bet he's got a lot of great stories. - Yes!,他一直跟我说那些高级住房和豪华汽车He would tell me about the large houses and expensive cars.,美国年轻人怎么浪费时间看电视 听摇滚乐How young people waste time watching television and listening to rock and roll.,- 看电视怎么了? - 并非所有电视- What's wrong with television? - Not all television.,“MASH” “玛丽·泰勒·摩尔秀”就没问题"M*A*S*H" was OK and the "Mary Tyler Moore Show".,似乎美国的年轻人理应享受自由It just seems like young people of America take freedom for granted.,我认为你这么说很不公平Wait. I don't think you're being fair.,我的历史课在费城花了整整一周My history class once spent an entire week in Philadelphia.,你也许能谈论你想要的自由Maybe so. You can talk about freedom all you want,但仍然不知道该怎样去争取but still don't know what it's like to have to fight for it.,或许我所说的没有道理Perhaps my lecture was unwarranted.,我很感激你的帮助I am grateful for what you did back there.,你真的喜欢美国。我们有独立钟You'd really like America. We've got the Liberty Bell,两岸都有迪斯尼乐园Disneyland on both coasts. It's happening.,抱歉 我真的不懂德语I'm sorry. I really don't know any German.,没关系 我会一点德语。他正坐在那里That's all right. I know a little German. He's sitting over there.,有什么推荐?What do you recommend?,猪肚子I recommend the pork bellies,腌汁泡的小块猪内脏marinated in diced pig entrails,还有烤肘子or the roast swine knuckles,火烧水煮肉丸poached with flaming hog balls.,都不错Anything's fine.,- 谢谢你... - 希拉里- Thank you... - Hillary.,是一个不平常的名字That's an unusual name.,是德语名字 意思是胸怀叛逆It's German. It means,很高兴见到你 我是尼克Pleased to meet you. My name's Nick.,尼克是什么意思?Nick,没社么意思 我爸爸刮脸时想到的Nothing. My dad thought of it while he was shaving.,警察在找你麻烦?Are you in some kind of trouble with the police?,有些事情最好暂且不提Some things are better left unsaid.,哦 哪方面?Like what?,有时你用纸巾擦完鼻子又将纸巾塞进你的钱包Sometimes when you blow your nose into a tissue and put it in your purse.,然后你伸手去拿口红 手却摸到纸巾 到处...Then you reach for your lipstick,你说得对 有些事情最好暂且不提You're right. Some things are better left unsaid.,非常感谢Thank you very much.,女士们先生们Ladies and gentlemen.,今晚我们有幸请到一位歌手We are fortunate to have with us tonight,他的天才之处只有他对国家的热爱才能超越whose great talent is exceeded only by his devotion to his country.,他极具歌唱天赋He truly has the gift of song.,金嗓子 受神灵启示的天才...A golden voice. Inspired talent and...,有什么问题吗?Is there something wrong?,我担心可能会这样I was afraid this might happen.,最高司令部的斯崔克将军是他狂热的崇拜者General Streck of the High Command is a most fervent admirer,还拥有他的成套作品and owns a complete set of his works.......