猪头逛大街2 Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay英文字幕下载-纯4K

猪头逛大街2 Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay英文字幕下载

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电影:猪头逛大街2 (Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay)




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猪头逛大街2 Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay英文字幕下载预览

 #I see trees of green #,#Red roses too #,#I see them bloom #,#For me and you #,#And I think to myself #,#What a wonderful world #,#I see skies of blue #,#And clouds of white #,#The bright blessed day #,#The dark sacred night #,#And I think to myself #,#What a wonderful world #,#Yes #,#I think to myself #,#What a wonderful #,Yes, dude!,What the fuck? What the fuck?What are you doing?,I'm taking the most incredible dumpof all time, man.,You couldn't waittill I got out of the shower?,May I remind you thatwe both just ate 30 burgers...,and four large orders of fries?,Don't worry, in a little bit,I'm sure it'll hit you too.,It may be. But I'm gonna waittill you get out of the shower.,Well, don't wait too long. We've gotto leave for the airport in an hour.,Ooh, that burns.,- An hour?- Hey, and, Roldy?,Yeah?,Nice pubes.,Asshole, get out of here right now.,- Wipe and leave. Wipe and leave now!- Dude, this thing is huge!,I think it still has cheese on it.,dude. Oh, my Go...I just realized something.,What?,Maria's gonna think I'm a stalker, man.I'm following her to Amsterdam.,Dude, relax. I have a med schoolinterview in ten minutes.,You don't see me freaking out.,Don't worry, man,she'll be psyched to see you.,Oh, psyched? You thinkshe's gonna be psyched?,Totes, dude. Why wouldn't she be?,So how does this work?,We just... we show up in Amsterdamand we start calling hotels...,and ask if they havea Maria staying there?,- I don't even know her last name.- Dude, it's totally cool.,We're definitely gonna find her.,Amsterdam is a very small place.It's not gonna be...,Sir, I need you to step aside, please.Let me search you.,- Did I beep?- No, you didn't beep.,Just a random security check.,If you could just step aside, please?Just over here.,- Random, huh?- Yeah.,So this has nothing to dowith my ethnicity?,Kumar, just do what the guy says.,Sir, it's our job as airport security...,to search for all possible weaponsor illegal drugs.,So just because of the color of my skin,you assume that I have drugs on me?,- No, he's...- What are you, a racist?,Racist? Dude, I'm black.,He's black. He's not a racist.,Please, dude, you're barely even brown.,No, he didn't mean that.,Compared to me,you look like Matthew Perry.,Hey, who you calling Matthew Perry, bitch?,I'm calling you Matthew Perry,you Matthew Perry-looking bitch!,No, there's nobody herewho is Matthew Perry. No one!,What is going on here?,Sir, Matthew Perry over here thinksthat I have illegal narcotics on me...,because I'm a minority.,This is textbook racial profiling...,and I'd be more than happyto call the ACLU or the government...,No, no, no, no, no, no, no.Sorry for the inconvenience, sir.,- You can move along.- I appreciate it. Thanks, Matt Perry.,Hey, what are you doing?,What do you mean, what am I doing?He called me Matthew Perry.,Well, you look like Matthew Perry.,- He's white!- So what?,Why does everything have to becomea huge argument with you, man?,'Cause this is America, dude...,and as long as I have my freedomof speech, no one's gonna shut me up.,Kumar?,Roldy?,- Vanessa.- Oh, my God!,- Good to see you.- So good to see you. L...,- Hi. Hey.- Hey.,Hey.,God, it's been forever.What are you guys doing?,We're actually on our wayto Amsterdam.,- Amsterdam?- Yeah.,Well, you guys haven't changed.,You have. You look amazing.Your hair is diff...,- doesn't she look amazing?- Yeah.,Yeah, you look great.You look awesome. Sorry.,What am I even saying?You look different and...,- Kumar Patel, you're flustered.- Little bit.,So, what's up with you? You still datingthe Abercrombie-wearing douchebag?,Actually, it's Brooks Brothers.,Colton! How are you, buddy?,- Good to see ya.- Good to see you.,And we're not dating anymore..
    No. We... are getting married.,Congratulations, you guys.,- You're fucking getting married?- Yeah.,- When?- Next week.,It's going to be a perfect day.,I mean, that's assuming we getthose Stargazer lilies for the bouquets.,This florist has beena complete nightmare.,Fucking assholes.,Colton's practically planningthe whole wedding all by himself.,So, Rold, Brewster Keegan letting youoff the leash for a little vay-cay?,I own that place now, Colton.,Thank you so much for the hook-up.,Hey, I ran into Todd,at Whitaker's, of course.,He told me you got a jobworking for the government.,Yeah! Yeah, President Bush and my dadwere in the same fraternity.,- Oh, that's right.- Oh, Jesus.,Yeah, yeah, when he gave my dad thatappointment at the defense department...,- I became his right-hand man.- Douche.,The President's supposed to beat our wedding...,- but you know how busy he is.- Yeah.,Sounds like an incredible job, man.,Hey, you really gotsome major connections to the top.,If you ever need anything, I'm your man.,- Thank you so much, buddy.- Anytime.,This guy's the best.,- So, sweetheart, we should get going.- Yes.,- Good to see you guys again.- Congratulations again.,- Thank you. Take care, thank you.- It's so nice.,- Bye.- Bye.,Dude, I can't believethey're getting married.,We've only been broken up two years.,Plus that dude has date-rape face.,I don't even know what that is.,One who possessesthe face of a date rapist.,Right. Listen...,I'm sorry, bro.,But we are going to Amsterdam.Come on.,This is true. This is true, Roldy.,- Man, this is so not like me.- Yeah.,It's like I'm a whole new Harold.Better, faster, stronger.,Nice.,Man, I've never used a sick day before.,I'm taking a whole week offfrom work here, man.,And in less than eight hours,we're gonna be in Amsterdam.,- This is nuts. This is nuts.- I know, dude.,It's gonna be exactly like Euro Tr/p,only it's not gonna suck.,- It's gonna be awesome.- It's not not gonna be awesome.,Dude. Dude, this chick's giving mesuch a boner, it's awesome.,Thank you. You ruined the moment.,She's all yours, buddy.,- You wanna pause it?- I'm gonna go to the bathroom.,No, that's...,Enjoy.,Just a minute.,Fuc...,Hey, hey.,Let me in.,What are you doing?I'm taking a piss, asshole!,- Yeah.- Yo!,I'm not joiningthe mile-high club with you.,What about the really high club?,- Are you retarded?- No.,You brought weedon the fucking airplane?,- Yep.- What the fuck?,Wait a second. You were givingthat security guard shit.,Yeah. How else was Isupposed to get past him?,By not bringing drugs on an airplane?,- Look... What are you doing? What is this?- You'll see.,Harold Lee, I would like to introduce youto an invention of mine.,Meet the smokeless bong.,- You made this?- You know, I did.,When you were slaving away at work...,I was actually beinga productive member of society.,- Yeah, that's really productive.- Let me show you how it works.,So you take a little weed...,put it in the bowl right here andlight it just like a normal bong, OK?,Now here's the truly genius part.,Inside this mechanism, I haveactually made a little tiny, tiny fan...,and some disinfectant powder, OK,it works sort of like a deodorizer...,so that anything it expungessmells like Lysol.,- Put it away.- No, dude.,Can you not waittill we get to Amsterdam?,It's the weed capital of the world!,- No.- Put the bong away!,- Take the inaugural hit, dude.- No!,Come on, man.,- Then I'm gonna do it.- Put it away. Put the frickin' bong away.,I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Turb...,Terrorist!,Roldy?,- What the fuck is that thing in his hands?- No, ma'am, not a terrorist.,- He's just an idiot.- This is just a bong.,He said he got a bomb!,No, people,it's a water pipe for tobacco.,No, no, no, it's not a bomb. It's just a bong.,Poison gas!,It's marijuana! Marijuana!,You picked the wrong plane,you terrorist fuck!,Hey!Hey, what are you doing?,There are three air marshalson board. Three!,We are not terrorists!Sir, that's a bong, not a bomb.,Shut up!......

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